If you’re looking to move quickly on a real estate purchase, whether it’s for personal use or as an investment, hard money mortgage lenders can help you. Hard money loans require little paperwork, aren’t based on your income or credit score and get you the money you need fast. Here are four situations where it makes sense to work with hard money mortgage lenders.

Fix and Flips

If you’re a real estate investor with your eye on your next great fix and flip, you know that by the time you go through the traditional lender application process, your great deal may be gone. One of the benefits of working with hard money mortgage lenders is speed. Because Brass Financial Group cuts out the red tape, you can go from filling out the application to cash in your hand in 7-14 days.


It’s an unfortunate fact, but New Jersey is second in the nation for housing foreclosure, according to BankRate. If you’re facing foreclosure, a hard money loan can provide the funding needed to dig out of the hole and pay off your mortgage with the bank. Because we don’t provide loans based on credit score or income, Brass Financial Group is able to help people in tough financial positions.

Rehabs for Rentals

With rent on the rise in New Jersey, it’s a perfect time to become a landlord or expand your portfolio. Hard money mortgage lenders can provide you with a short-term loan to cover both the purchase of the home as well as some or all of the repairs. After updating your new investment property, you can have it appraised, secure new long-term financing, and have your tenant pay off your mortgage.

Your Dream Home on a Deadline

We’re experiencing very low levels of inventory in New Jersey, so if you’re looking to move from your current home to your dream home, acting quickly is in your best interest. Hard money mortgage lenders can give you an edge in the market, as sellers appreciate buyers who can move quickly. Similar to a rehab, we can provide a loan to purchase your dream home until you secure traditional financing. A loan like this is sometimes referred to as a bridge loan.

Brass Financial Group Can Help

If you’re ready to make your next real estate investment, consider Brass Financial Group as you’re looking for hard money mortgage lenders. Give us a call at 609-800-FUND or fill out a loan application today.

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