Home prices are on the rise. Profits from fix and flips are at a 10-year high. And, as of 2015, the average flips per investor was just 1.63, indicating that more and more small investors are entering the market. All of these facts suggest that fix and flips can be quite lucrative, but how much can you make flipping houses? In this article, we outline some of the benefits of house flipping.

Unlimited Earning Potential

One of the things that makes flipping houses especially attractive is that when it comes to earning potential, the sky’s the limit. According to a recent study, the average flip sold for 5% above the estimated market value, for an average gross profit of $55,000! That’s a sizeable return for projects designed to last less than a year.

A Lifestyle You Choose

Being a real estate developer means you get to be your own boss. You can choose whether you’d like to be a full time developer or if you’d rather work on flipping houses during the weekend. You can pick between working with a team or going solo. And, of course, you’re the one to decide which property to rehab and which projects will get you the greatest return on your investment. Real estate investment projects are great ways to earn extra income on your own terms.

How Much Can You Make Flipping Houses?

If you’re ready to stop wondering how much can you make flipping houses and start making money as a real estate investor, Brass Financial Group is here to help. If you don’t have the capital to start your dream project or think that you can’t be approved for a loan, don’t worry. We don’t approve or deny loans based on your income, credit score, or job status. Instead, we look at the project you have planned and fund that.

If you’re ready to get flipping, give us a call at 609-800-FUND and get started today.

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  1. I am a skilled tradesman and rehab specialist and I have been renovating properties for real estate investors and I would like to take the next obvious step and become a real estate investor who can over see the project from start to finish the only obstacle standing in my way is the capital needed to fix and flip or buy and hold

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