The world of real estate investment is overflowing with different investment opportunities. However, the general consensus around the industry is that you need large sums of cash on hand to be able to break into the market. Although this may have been true in the past, now there are so many different ways to break into real estate investing with little to no cash on hand! Look below to learn about some different ways to become a real estate mogul without using all of your own cash.


Wholesaling is the perfect way for a new real estate investor to break into the industry. To simplify things, a wholesaler essentially finds discounted properties, then finds potential buyers to assign the contract to, and gets paid to do so. Although profits are usually somewhat small in this type of investment, it is a less-stressful way to earn some money from real estate. The good thing about wholesaling is that it typically does not require a high credit score or large cash reserves, making it the perfect tool for new investors.

Joint Venture

All Joint Venture partnerships are set up differently, however the idea is the same: Find a partner who can bring to the table what you cannot. For example, if you have funds but do not have experience, find a partner who is ready to manage and execute the project well. If you need funding, find a partner who will take care of that. The important thing in one of these partnerships is that everyone brings something unique to the table. Brass Financial Group is proud to offer a Joint Venture program of our own as well! If you find the property, we will buy it, fully fund the renovation, pay all carrying costs, and then sell it! This partnership requires little to no funding from the investor, making it the perfect opportunity for those looking into their first fix and flip investment.

Seller Financing

In this method of funding, instead of receiving a loan from a traditional bank, the person selling the house lends the buyer money for the purchase. Since it is not through a bank, the seller can determine their own terms for the loan, meaning this usually will cost the buyer more money due to a higher interest rate. Although this may not sound ideal, as the terms will most likely be much more expensive than a usual mortgage, it is a good option for someone who does not have high credit or enough cash on hand for a traditional purchase.

Hard Money Lending

Hard money loans are given by private lenders, with the aim of financing investments to make a return. These types of loans are perfect for those with low credit scores and less cash on hand to invest. Additionally, all hard money lenders are unique in their terms and products offered, so it is important to know all the terms of the loan before you begin the investment, as it is not like a traditional mortgage. For more information on hard money, check out our Hard Money Loans  page to see the differences between this type of funding, as opposed to a traditional loan.


The real estate investment field is constantly evolving, with new ways to get involved emerging every day. However, the idea that you need large sums of cash on hand to break into the market is outdated. Today, there are so many different ways to invest in real estate, and so many different ways to secure funding that the industry is accessible for the majority of people. For more information on real estate investment, check out our Invest page, or contact us at (609) 800-FUND

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