One of the most important parts of owning a home is having a kitchen that makes you proud. So much of a home revolves around the kitchen, so it is crucial that the room be properly maintained and well-utilized. Often times, the kitchen is not the size that you wish, and while a complete renovation is an option, that is most likely not in most of our budgets unless it is completely necessary. It is often a better idea to help you utilize every possible square inch of space to its best ability. By doing this, you can make your kitchen look brand new, while saving thousands of dollars in the meantime.

Use Your Walls

A simple and cheap way to utilize kitchen space is to make use of the walls. By installing command hooks, you can hang pots and pans from various wasted wall space, freeing up their usual drawers for more unappealing kitchen items. Many people hang pots and pans from the ceiling, however this new method makes grabbing them much easier.

Add Shelves

As we said above, wall space can be your best friend when dealing with smaller-than-desired kitchens. Add a couple small shelves to the wall for spices, condiments, etc. This frees up more cabinet space for storage of items you do not use daily, while giving you easy access to cooking necessities.

Use Above Your Range

The most common issue with small kitchens is that storage is often at a minimum, forcing you to use valuable counter space for things that typically go into cabinets and drawers. A simple idea to clear up some of this clutter is to install several hooks above the range, perfect for spatulas, strainers, and more. Now, there will be no more digging through countless cabinets to find that strainer as your pasta begins to cool!

Use Displays

There is nothing wrong with putting your china out for display. If you do not have glass cabinets, and if replacing them is not in the budget, a cheap alternative that also saves a ton of space is to create a wall rack for your nicer plates and bowls. While also saving space, it is a classy look that is easy to create and maintain.

By getting creative, you can make any size kitchen more useful and more organized. As you can see, using the walls is essential, but it is important to remember that, if you want to best utilize a small kitchen, you must maintain it. By following small tips like the ones above, you can save tens of thousands of dollars on a kitchen remodel!

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